About Me 

I'm a self-taught Creative Architect and Product Designer with a knack for UI/UX. With about 7 years under my belt now, I'm now on a mission to design beyond the digital realm.

Why? Because I believe human experiences go beyond screens. Oh, and if you're wondering who fuels my inspiration?

Think Rick Rubin, Kanye West, Pharell Williams, and Bruce Lee. Their philosophy?
"Be present, be self-aware, and be like water."
The Healing x Glenstone

He/Him/His - ENFP-T



Washington, D.C
Chicago, IL (Currently)
Product Design
Service Design
User Research & Testing
UX/XD, CX & Interaction Design
UX Strategy
Who's Mac?
I challenge norms, spot trends, and craft business-driven solutions. My values? Authenticity and self-discipline. I'd rather embrace my imperfect journey than mimic someone else's perfect path.

Even when I'm not "working", I'm absorbing. From pop culture pop-ups to rare museum exhibits, I'm all about experiences. And speaking of experiences, the George Floyd protests in 2020 ignited my passion for advocating mental health and self-care in the Black community.
My Journey to this moment..
I began in Digital Marketing by understanding the value of getting users engaged with the customer funnel. That then led me to designing, leading and creating personalized experiences for users, which then opened the opportunity for me to lead practitioners through learning the design process and feel empowered to create impact for business and its end users.
Why Human-Centered Design?
My "why" is simple. Personal gratification and doing the right thing. It's not about the fortune, but the fulfillment found in acts of service. And when it comes to creating? I trust the process, focus on the audience, and aim to solve real problems.
How Do I Approach Design?
Every project begins with understanding. I dive deep into the project's essence, prioritize the user, and align with client needs. My approach? Research, wireframes, testing, and prototypes. And with a keen eye on trends, I bring concepts to life.



I’m Never Not Working, and find value serving on the board of a men’s non-profit focused around de-stigmatizing the narrative of Mental Health in the Black community through mentorship, yoga and mental health.



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